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8 December 2013

Let’s try something a bit different…

In the spirit of Matt Cutts’ 30 day challenges, I’ve been feeling inspired to try something along a similar line.  However, rather than going with small behaviors that I want to see if I can adopt, I’m taking them as 30 days to focus on doing something that I probably should be doing more regularly, but just don’t seem to squeeze in otherwise (this is based a bit on his recent appearance on This Week in Google where he mentioned that his uptake on actually changing behaviors was fairly hit or miss). So, this month we’re going to start off nice and easy – automation.  I’m going through and adding automation/streamlining of my workflow and activities wherever possible, including:

  • Adopting the use of Pocket
  • Increasing my already significant use of IFTTT
  • Consolidating calendaring, reminders and tasks in Google
  • Unsubscribing any and all emails that I don’t actually read
  • Making sure that all code I write is stored on GitHub
  • Implementing a budget on Mint
  • Getting far more serious about my use of Evernote

I’m sure there’ll be many more over the course of the next 23 days, but this seems like a positive start.

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