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8 July 2011

Building a Solid VM for Your Enterprise

As of the time of this writing, Oracle/Sun is about to release Java 7 – the seventh core release of the venerable development language. What’s interesting about Java is how many people use the underlying plumbing (the JVM – Java Virtual Machine) with a different programming language. Think about it, how many development ecosystems boast […]

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4 July 2011

Cost vs. Investment

So I’ve been thinking lately – what happens when maintenance costs increase at a consistent, unchecked rate? After all, the general consensus, is that over time, costs increase in successful businesses as greater capabilities and capacity are required. Now the observant reader will opine that if the business is increasing in success, shouldn’t the profits […]

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4 September 2009

Why Are You Optimizing?

In a design discussion today, I came across the need to interject one of those architectural bugaboos that seem to often come into question: is there such a thing as over optimization?  Most people would hear that question and immediately respond “Of course!”  Yet many architects engage in the very sort of navel-gazing that comes […]

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26 August 2009

Intellect & the Communication Barrier

One of the things that often strikes me is the frequent incidence with which very intelligent architects totally lack the ability to communicate effectively.  To be clear, the poor communication skills of technologists is a longstanding lamentation of employers and universities, but the issue goes beyond a simple lack of understanding around the basics of […]

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24 August 2009

Strategic Architecture

There will soon be a new subsite (to this admittedly revamped site) title Strategic Architecture.  This is essentially a public experiment in writing a professional level work, with all of the appropriate bells and whistles – including paragraph by paragraph commenting, social links, etc.  We’ll be starting with the basic outline and working from there […]

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